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Apparently, what’s new is this post — and maybe this blog.  Yes, after a four-year (!) hiatus, I’m going to take another run at blogging.  Only time will tell whether or not I have something to say.  It appears that this blog — like so many, many others — is akin to a fad diet:  you pay a lot of attention to it at first, and it’s rewarding.  But soon enough, life intervenes, either with this work crisis, or that home project.  Or maybe it was just plain boredom and run-of-the-mill writer’s block.  Whatever it is, the posts become less frequent (less interesting?) and eventually, they stop.

To the extent that blogs like this remain primarily a personal indulgence, I will ask my fair readers to be kind upon my reintroduction to the blogosphere.  It may be a bit rough on re-entry.  I do know one thing, though… I want to write more often and better, and the only way to do that is, to coin a phrase, to “just do it.”

So, here I am, just doing it.  More to come…

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