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With apologies for those readers, friends and family with absolutely no interest in legal marketing, per se, I will be using the blog in the next few days to support some of my communicating at the annual national conference of the Legal Marketing Association in Denver.  My participation on a panel, unsurprisingly enough, will include discussion of the nexus between traditional marketing/PR and the brave new world of Web 2.0.  [If you’re really interested, you can also follow me on Twitter: @johnmbyrne.]As a result, there will be some information posted, and subjects discussed, on the Byrne Blog that may not be of interest to a good portion of you (assuming that anyone is interested in my blog as a whole!).  So, again, my regrets to those folks; come back next week for a return to normalcy and further communications on communications.

One thought on “And Now, Something (Somewhat) Completely Different…

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