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In a word:  No.  I just had the experience of telling folks at my law firm that the firm has a presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  They were surprised.  I was not surprised by their surprise.

It seems the work of a communicator, or communications in general, is Sisyphean.  No matter how many times you think is appropriate or acceptable to tell people something, it’s never enough.  And despite my fatigue occasionally with this reality, I am never shocked or amazed when people say that they feel that they aren’t being communicated with enough.  In a similar vein, despite the now ubiquitous nature and decent performance of search engines for the Internet like Google and Bing, I’m never taken aback when people fail to use them to gather information before asking questions or commenting on issues. 

And so, to the point:  It’s clear that just jumping into the social media pool with a Twitter username and tweets, or a Facebook page and news feed updates, (or a new blog on WordPress) isn’t enough to magically get people to look and/or listen to what you’re saying.  Or, obviously, even know that you exist.  It’s definitely worth noting the irony of the situation that it takes other forms of communication through email, phone calls, news releases, website postings, etc., etc. to drive people to your new social media musings.  Like a good blogger, I will try to post some links to a few postings of advice from some of my favorite social media gurus soon.  Right now, I’m still getting used to this whole blogging thing, and I have to get some other work done.  More later.

OK, just one before I go:  If you haven’t already, check out the tremendous work done by Heather Milligan on her The Legal Watercooler blog.  Great stuff there.

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