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John Byrne Communicating About Communications

I realized recently that now I have been invited to speak about social media at the 2010 Legal Marketing Association’s annual conference in Denver, I would need to start “walking the walk” if I was going to “talk the talk.”  I certainly have given enough advice about blogging to the lawyers at my firm in the past.  So, now I need to take my own advice:  keep the entries relatively short and hopefully insightful (or perhaps even inciteful, to invent a word).  Write about what you know or about what you want to know.  Also, keep the entries coming.  Nothing keeps people from coming back more than an outdated, dusty blog.

So, my journey as a new blogger begins with this first step.  My passion is communications, and not just those involving public relations or marketing.  That said, I intend to focus primarily on business communications, not really personal communications, although much of communicating in business involves — even mandates — a personal touch.  I welcome all comments and criticism, advice and warnings, and even the occasional compliment (if warranted).  My hope is that my observations here are useful, possibly enjoyable, or at least worth a moment or two or your time.  This is the first of many of them…

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